Saturday, October 29, 2016

Beta Readers

I've begun to send my work to beta readers. It's exciting and scary. So far I've sent my first four chapters to 2 people. They're both my siblings, which I hear is a bad choice for beta readers because they might be afraid to say what they really think. But for now that's okay with me. I know them, and I know the things they're interested in, and I trust their opinions of story, art, and craft.

When I sent the chapters out I was excited. And then as soon as my sister texted me to say she sent them back with her comments and the answers to my questions, I was immediately scared. But I read them, and everything she said made sense. Nothing made me cry!

I know eventually there will be comments, questions, or maybe even someday reviews that will make me sad. But as long as I get feedback that is honest, civil, and well-meaning, I am encouraged to keep on chugging.

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