Sunday, May 15, 2016

An Abundance of Wallets

This is the Necessary Clutch Wallet (pattern available for purchase here) by Emmaline Bags. I've made 5, but one went off into the world before posing for a picture, so here are wallets 1 and 3-5 (back to front, left to right). Wallet #1 is for myself, to go along with my Blossom shoulder Bag. They just look like they were meant to be made together.

As you can see, I like fussy-cutting to match pattern pieces. #3 is matched at the back /flap seam, but kind of opposite - brown diamonds matched with colored diamonds. Can you tell? #1 and #4 were fussy cut so the flaps line up with the bodies in front. #5 was supposed to match up as well, But the strip in the center of the flap is matched just about as perfectly as you can get.