Saturday, November 14, 2015

Body pillow

I made a body pillow to go in my reading/writing nook. It's made of five 20"x26" pillows (that's standard size, at least in the US).

There are a couple of ways to make one of these. The simplest is to sew five pillowcases together side-by-side. If you can't find pillowcases you like, or want to mix-and-match fabrics like I did, you can buy yardage. I chose an overlap closure with buttons, so the grey fabric (the overlapping fabric) had to be several inches wider than the blue fabric to account for the overlapping.

Here's an inside view to show how much fabric I overlapped. If you overlap more, you can probably skip the buttons.

Whatever closure you choose for your pillow cover (zippers, overlapping, buttons, ties, snaps, magic) sew it as though you're making one giant 100x26" pillowcase. (Be sure to leave the inside accessible lengthwise.)

Turn your giant pillowcase right-sides-out.

Stitch 4 seams short-ways, one every 20". This makes your 5 pockets for your pillows. Insert the pillows, close up with the zippers/snaps/whatever, and enjoy. You can lay it out flat and lie on it like a narrow bed, or you can prop up 1 or more pillows against the wall to lounge in, like in my pictures.

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