Thursday, August 13, 2015

Here goes...

Okay, so I waited two weeks. That's long enough, right? I printed my manuscript last night. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is about an hour and ten minutes more than I anticipated. The printer got issues every time it ran out of paper, and it took way longer than I expected to hole punch 475 pieces of paper. I guess I forgot you can only do like 8 sheets at a time.

So here's the first draft of my book, which I have named, for the time being, Book. It's a lot of pages!

Also, James Scott Bell suggests making up a critic's blurb to add on a cover page. His example was plausible. Here's mine:

So here goes my first read-through. If you find me dead from boredom, or drowned in tears of laughter, you'll know why.

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