Tuesday, July 28, 2015

First novel's first draft

In my last post from about 5 minutes ago, I posted a screenshot of the ending of my first novel's first draft. In the spirit of writing a first draft and forcing myself not to edit/revise as I write, I decided to make that blog post short. You know, so it wouldn't be a long, awful mess since I didn't want to edit it. But in the spirit of spending 7 months writing the first draft, complete with scenes and whole sections I now realize I'll need to seriously pare down, here's a longer post about the process of writing.

For this novel, I had the whole story in my head for months before I finally decided I was going to write the thing down, so I wrote it more as a plotter than as a pantser. For this blog post, I'll be more of a pantser. In other words, the following is not really in any kind of order.

[My Untitled Book]

I finished my first draft of my first novel.

Only 35.404% over my word count goal, and only one fake ending! (Anyone NOT recognize the fake ending?)

My book doesn't have a title yet. So far the file is called "book". I've been writing this draft for several months (I was a few chapters in when I met Shannon Hale, which was in February), so it's going to feel weird now to set it aside and forget about it for a few weeks so I can reread/revise with fresh(er) eyes later on.