Monday, December 08, 2014

Map necklaces

I made 2 map necklaces. One is a map in a tiny corked bottle (like a treasure map!). The other is a 1-inch round cutout glued inside a bottle cap. They're both the same map of Nairobi.

You can buy fake bottle caps in a craft store, but they're cheap looking in my opinion, and don't really look that much like bottle caps. So I used a real one, a Coke cap, which I thought was fitting because Coke is one of the 4 main soda choices in Kenya. Most places will have Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Fanta orange (and occasionally Fanta blackcurrant). I think soda was cheaper than juice too, so we drank lots of soda when we were in Kenya, and sodas in glass bottles were much more common in Kenya than they are around here. And all my American friends there agreed that the Coke in Kenya tasted better than American Coke. Different sugar maybe? I don't even like Coke here.

So a cap from a glass Coke bottle is definitely fitting, I think.

On top of the map I have a 1-inch clear epoxy dome that I got from Jo-Ann. The bottom side is adhesive, so it stuck right onto my cardstock. Then I superglued the cardstock/epoxy down into the cap. The tiny bottle, I just rolled up a tiny map and stuck it in there, followed by the tiny cork.

Here's the map, zoomed in and blown up a little bit. It's small in the necklaces, because I wanted it to be zoomed out enough to include both my house and my high school, as well as the "Nairobi" label. The red circles are my house and high school. My house was on a college campus, so both locations are schools, and they're colored brown on the map. (You can see the brown blobs on the map in the necklace, but they don't show up in the photo.)

I like the way the necklaces clink when I wear both of them together. I guess it's the glass vial sliding along the ridges in the rim of the bottle cap? By the way, if you're doing a project that involves cutouts and bottle caps, a glass bottle cap is exactly an inch across inside. So if you have a 1-inch hole punch, that's much easier than cutting.

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