Sunday, November 09, 2014

Warm foxes and dinosaurs

I made a quilt this week. And I only sewed one square on upside down! (You can't see it in the picture, it's hanging off the far side of the bed. But it's not a picture print, just a directional design, so you'd only know it's upside down if you compare it to the other squares of that print.)

It took five days, and only five trips to the fabric store. (Once to buy enough to get started before payday, another because I just couldn't wait for payday, a third to a different fabric store for a different selection to choose from, once to buy the last of what I needed after getting paid, and a fifth time because I cut too many pieces wrong.) I made it to add to my bed for the winter, since my embroidered quilt and Kenyan shuka have lately been inadequate for keeping me warm at night.

It has 2 different dinosaur prints, 2 sheep prints, 2 prints solely with elephants, at least 2 more prints with elephants and other animals, and 1 with foxes. There are owls, robots, monsters, frogs, whales, hedgehogs, planets, turtles wearing hats and bows, and monkeys in spaceships. The back (and batting) is various shades a blues/blue-greens to match my room. All three layers are flannel, and it's a rag quilt so you can see the backing and batting in between all the squares on the front. The prints on the front are all kinds of colors and pictures, that really don't match, but they cohere a little better with the blue and green "ragging" in between them. The "ragging" is all blue and greens, and it unifies the different prints.

Here's the front:

And the back:

And a close up of some hedgehogs and whales:

Still in the works Haven't worked on in months:

  • My embroidered quilt that I started about five months ago.
  • A faux chenille blanket that I started for my niece about a year ago.

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