Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ceiling fan redo

I redid my fan. I mod podged some fabric onto the blades. It was an easy project; just take the blades off the fan and mod podge some fabric or decorative paper onto them.

I didn't use fabric Mod Podge to stiffen the fabric so I could cut it out without fraying. That's what some tutorials I found said to do, but I figured if I cut the shape out ahead of time, I'd have a hard time lining it up on the blade. So what I did was sand the blades to roughen them and cover the wood surface with regular matte Mod Podge (like the tutorials say), and then just lay out a piece of fabric onto it, making sure I lined up the pieces on all four blades roughly the same as each other. Then when it was dry(ish), I flipped it over on my cutting mat and, with my rotary cutter, cut the fabric around the shape of the blade. Some of the edges are a little iffy looking, but I figure no one will stand underneath my fan and look directly up at it long enough to study it.

Here's a (sort of) before picture. It's actually a picture of the living room fan, but it's the same as mine, just without the light fixture.

That's what mine looked like before. Here's what it looks like now:

I actually put fabric on both sides of the blades. The reverse side is a brown cross-hatch fabric, but it's pretty dark, darker than it was pre-Mod Podge, so at first glance it just looks like I painted the blades a darker brown. So I flipped the blades over and tried another fabric on the other side. So if I ever get tired of the side that's showing, I can just flip it to the brown side. The brown side is nice, it's just kind of dark.

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