Monday, October 06, 2014

Some things I've learned from cleaning for a living

I'm a housekeeper, so I clean apartment units after guests leave, and before new guests come in. I was already just a little bit of a neat freak (well okay, my room is sometimes a total mess, but I am ocd), but here are some new things I've learned about cleaning.

  1. Hairs get everywhere. In obvious places, like all over the bathtub and the bathroom floor, but also in places that are a little bit more weird: on the mattress pad underneath the sheets, on the pillow inside the pillow case and cover, in the freezer, on the floor of the fridge underneath the vegetable crisping trays.
  2. People don't know what pillow covers are. Until recently, we left an extra set of sheets on each bed so that guests could change the bedding for the next guest before checking out. But often they would not change the pillow cover and would just leave it, still folded, sitting neatly on top of the comforter. One time I actually found a pillow cover on the pillow, OVER the pillow case, OVER another pillow cover. My speculation? A kid changed the pillow case, then found the pillow cover and asked what it was, and his mom told him to put it on the pillow, so he did exactly that.
  3. Kids have no concept of clean. As long as the sheet is technically on the mattress and underneath the comforter, then that counts as made.
  4. Sometimes adults are even worse.
  5. There's a lot I do every day at work, and never very infrequently at home. Cleaning the shower, washing and changing sheets, vacuuming, pretty much any actual cleaning. I pick up and straighten and rearrange and purge stuff, and then ignore all the hairs and dirt.
  6. Cleaning is much less stressful than customer service.
  7. No matter how confidently you can do something on your own, even simple things like sweeping, you will always start second guessing yourself once you're getting paid for it. Or maybe that's just me.
  8. Greased Lightning works great (though I already knew that from working in a manufacturing plant, where grease is everywhere, including in the air), and oven cleaner works great for tough messes too. But you can use Lysol to clean pretty much anything.

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