Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I hate storage

Because when people have storage space, they fill it. And when they fill it so it's full, they start cramming. And when they've crammed it all the way, they start making stacks nearby. And when they make stacks, "full" or "no space" become pretty meaningless.

I'm all for small organizational containers, because it's easier to keep large spaces/shelves/drawers/boxes neat with small boxes/bowls/bags/dividers, than if everything is just in there loose. But as far as just storage space...

I just spent 2 1/2 hours cleaning out the pencil jars and top drawer of the kitchen desk. I was trying to eat lunch, but I couldn't find the bread knife. It wasn't in the knife drawer, but about 15 other knives were (which we don't use very much) along with 2 pairs of scissors. I wondered why we needed 2 pairs of scissors there, since we also have one in the knife block (yes, more knives!), and several more pairs in the pencil jars on the desk. So I pulled one pair out of the drawer, and went to the desk to take some of those out too. It turns out we had 9 pairs of scissors - just in the kitchen!

We also had (in my opinion) way too many pens and pencils, so I emptied the jars, washed them, and put back the pens and pencils I thought should actually be in there. I threw away all the ones that didn't work, along with all the extra pen lids laying around. There were five highlighters, which we don't use, so my dad took them to use at work.

All that didn't take too much time, but the pencils I put back in the jar weren't all that sharp, so I made the mistake of opening the drawer to look for a pencil sharpener.

I discovered there's a liner on the bottom of that drawer, which I didn't know. I'm not exactly sure whether I've ever seen it before, because the drawer is always pretty full. I found 3 staple removers, 2 staplers (in addition to the one on top of the desk), about 7 various-sized boxes of staples, a Queen Amidala pen that came out of a cereal box when Episode 1 came out, about 10 MVP/VIP/CVS/etc member cards, 5 rulers, about a billion sticky notes, 8 larger pads of stick-on notes, 3 packs of index cards, 4 boxes of paperclips, at least a hundred loose paperclips (across the entire bottom of the drawer), 3 boxes of pushpins, maybe 30 loose pushpins, about 20 loose safety pins, 7 packs of pencil lead, a Scottish Festival flyer from 2009, a birthday invitation from 2008, 3 bottles of liquid glue and - yes - 2 pencil sharpeners.

And all I wanted was a bread knife.

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