Monday, August 11, 2014


In the spirit of decluttering, and of finishing a project I first blogged about several years ago, and of discovering that DMC bobbins fit better in my floss organizer than my store brand bobbins: today I went through and cleaned out all the embroidery floss I don’t want. I had a whole bunch - some from a set of a bunch of 2-metre flosses, some I’d bought for actual projects, and a grocery bag full of floss that came from our free “boutique”. Most of those were colors I’d never use for anything, unless I needed to embroider vomit on something. So I finally went through them all and kept only the ones I love, which I wound/rewound around the DMC bobbins.

I’ve been using an off brand of bobbins, because that’s what they sell at WalMart, but they were juuust too wide for my organizer and had to sit a little bit slanted inside the compartments. But today I opened some DMC bobbins and discovered that they fit sitting straight. So anything I wanted to keep, I put on a DMC bobbin.

This inadvertently helped me make decisions faster about whether I really wanted to keep a colour. If I kept it, I had to wind it. Most of what I had already wound on my off brand bobbins were short (from the 2-metre set) so I didn’t bother rewinding those. I just decided which ones I love and wrote down the numbers (to buy 8-metre skeins later), and put the short ones in my donate box. Because they’re really too short to do much with. They’re not even long enough to do a single running stitch across the quilt I’m making.

I kept a few short ones (the skinny, slanted ones in the picture), but I'm going to buy long ones of them. As for the ones I wound today, I'm going to buy DMC number stickers (because I think it looks better than handwritten), but for now I just have the tag stuck in there with the number sticking out.

I have the color name written on the bobbins as well. It helps me sort them and decide which shades go together in a project. For example if I can't decide whether 2 pinks match, and their names are Cranberry Dk and Cranberry Med, then I can guess that they'll look okay together.

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