Saturday, July 05, 2014

Bedroom cake

I have my room all painted now.

Before (after removing deocrations).Doodling. (PINK FLOD is an inside joke.)
Mostly painted.Finished.

The walls are kind of teal-ish (Valspar "Starry Sky"), but they're more green than I expected based on the sample. The trim is Valspar "Vanilla Bean".

I think it looks like a birthday cake. Not that I've ever seen a green birthday cake, but the color of the trim looks like icing, and is also (roughly) the same color as my birthday cake flavoured candy melts.

I took the closet door off and replaced it with a curtain. That should make it easier to reach things in there, and will give me more space to put furniture (like a chair) on that side of the room. I also had blinds before, but I took them down and put up a length of fabric as a temporary curtain before this picture was taken. I may get new blinds, if I can find affordable ones that look like bamboo.

We finished all the painting yesterday, and today we waxed the floor. Right now I'm experimenting with curtains. I won't be using white (too different from "vanilla bean" to match, but too similar to be an on-purpose different colour), but I have them up to decide whether I like the more see-through ones or the more solid ones. So far, I like the see-through ones better for the windows, but they're just so frilly. They're not something I would have picked out. For the closet, I like what's there (except for being white). The translucence gives it a nice touch. Any more solid and it would be more boring; any more see-through, and you can see all the junk inside.

Right now I'm off to do a second coat of floor wax and then, when the floor dries, an Eiffel Tower on the wall.

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