Sunday, July 20, 2014


I'm almost finished making my first quilt.

I started one once, and got about 6 blocks all the way finished (plus a few others mostly finished). Mostly I quit because it got repetitive and boring, and I paused for a really long time and never came back to it. Which is actually a good thing, because when I looked at them before throwing them out the other day, I couldn't believe how bad my completed blocks were. 4 of them looked awful (although 2 of them were actually pretty passable for a new-ish sewer with no patience and no rotary cutter). Also, I'd had the fabric (and patience) to make a twin size quilt with that design, but I have since switched to a queen size bed. So it was just as well. Quitting is sometimes totally okay.

So I started all over. Since I've been redoing my room (pictures will come, really!), I was looking for a blanket/quilt/comforter that would match my room better and be warmer than what I have now (a thin flannel duvet cover which neither matches my room nor has a duvet in it). Unfortunately, everything I could find either a) didn't come in a color that matched b) had the cheap backing that can get a little melty in the dryer c) was super expensive d) a and b but not c e) and and c but not b f) not enough information given.

Okay, just kidding about f. Just reminiscing about multiple choice math word problems from high school.

Anyway, I did find one I really liked, and was considering maybe committing the $70 for it once I got my next paycheck. But then I wondered if I could find an easy-enough quilt pattern I liked and in my folly thought I might actually save money. So I looked through my quilt board on Pinterest and decided to make this quilt from Make It Handmade, also posted on Moda Bake Shop.

So instead of spending $70 on a comforter I liked, there's over $100 invested in this quilt ($20 of it I already had in my stash, and $35 of it my mom bought for me, so I personally spent about $50 specifically for this quilt).

All stitching is done, it's turned right-side-out (it's bindingless), and it's pin basted. All I have to do now is the actual quilting. I'm going to do it with embroidery floss or perl cotton.

So, we'll see how it turns out.

Update Finished quilt found here and here

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