Friday, February 28, 2014

19-28 of 28

28 in 28. Done.

19 Another baby blanket

This one was a lot bigger than I remember my first one being. The front is cotton, and the back is flannel.

20 Another baby blanket

Only it's not self-binding this time. It has no binding at all. I don't know why, but I just really like the look of binding-less things.

21 Fix my lunch bag

So it got a hole in the seam. Again. The things I sew tend to do that a lot. So I fixed it.

22 Shopping bag

I've made 2 of these before. One of them, I use as my lunch bag (the one I fixed in the project above). For this one, I made it a little bigger than before (bigger than I thought it would be. Usually things end up smaller than intended, so sometimes I overcorrect and they turn out extra big.) I also made what I call "little thingies" - they're basically like big button holes, and hopefully they'll fit on the the bars that hold plastic grocery bags at the checkout counter. So hopefully it'll be a little easier this way, easier than just looping the handles on the bars.

23-24 Coat hanger and clothespin bag

Totally 2 different projects. I made sure to make the coat hanger cover first, and THEN pretend that making the clothespin bag to match was an afterthought, so I could count them as separate projects. The coat hanger thing was easy. It's lined with a single layer of fleece, and I didn't even sew it curved. It's just a straight tube with the hanger slid into it. And the metal part of the hanger pulls out of the wooden part, so I could slide the wooden part into the tube, sew the end shut, and then stick the metal part back in through the little gap I left in the seam.

And then the clothespin bag matches. It has 87 clothespins in it, plus the one in the opening holding the flower. It could fit a few more, but I'm not sure exactly how many, because 88 was all we had.

25 Flower

Only did it because it'd be easy (like my University 101 class I took for the easy A), and because I was running out of February (this was today, the 28th, and I was still like 6 projects short.) It's pretty easy. Long strip sewn into a tube, baste one edge, and pull the baste stitching to gather that edge together.

26 Embellishing my jacket sleeve

Yes my jacket has made it into this February sewing thing 3 times now. I just added some Xs to one sleeve with blue floss. I kind of want to go do this for some of my shirts now too.

27-28 Bags

One's a drawstring bag, and one's a washcloth bag that I'll probably just use to carry soap in when I go places. That way if it's wet I can put it in there without having to worry about it getting all my other toiletries soapy. It has a small loop of elastic in the seam that I can pull up and over, so it's around the bag, holding the soap inside. Added bonus: now I don't have to worry about forgetting to take a washcloth.

Still in the works:

  • This stupid faux chenille blanket that, if I ever bother to finish it, probably won't look that great anyway.

Need to be in the works:

  • A purse with a matching wallet, and maybe a matching keychain.
  • Some more pyramid purses so I can list them in my Etsy shop. It'd be nice if I could make a sale, ever.
  • Anything that will use up some up the fabric I have that's taking over the living room floor.

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