Monday, February 10, 2014

1-8 of 28

Here are some pictures of the sewing projects I've done so far this month. My goal is 28 projects in 28 days.

1-2 Potholders

I was going to count these all as one project, but they took long enough to sew that I counted the criss-crossy ones as one project, and the cut-outy ones as another. I did these from tutorials here and here. I didn't have insulated batting so I used terry cloth (aka an old cut up towel), which works just as well for the potholder, but was incredibly frustrating to work with. It shifted around like crazy! I couldn't even baste it in place! Here are mine, plus the backs (cutout ones first, then crisscross).

3 Flannel baby blanket

I didn't think to take a picture before I gifted it at a baby shower. It's just a self-binding square blanket. I'll make more, so I can post pictures of them later.

4 Steering wheel cover

Pretty simple. A strip sewn end-to-end, with elastic down the edges. I had to add a 6ish-inch section to my strip, because I needed it 47.5", and my fabric was only 42". Then when I tried out the finished cover, it was hard to turn the wheel, because the cover was too loose and just slid back and forth over it. So I took it in by 3 or 4 inches! I don't know if I just totally measured wrong (the wheel or the fabric), or if the fabric just had more give than I expected.

5 Coasters

I made these from a 30-count charm pack - 3 each of 10 charms. I used 5 charms per coaster, which equals 6 coasters. I used the same tutorial as the criss cross potholders, only I skipped the batting, and I didn't fold the center edges, so I also skipped the accent fabric in the middle.

6 Winter hat

Okay, really all I did was add the final seam, that I'd meant to add like a month ago. The hat was even fully functional already. But I did technically finish the hat in February, so I'm including it in my 28 projects. It counts!

7 Fix my jacket

Perhaps a little bit less of a stretch than the hat. I have a jacket that has a flap thingy inside the collar, and every time I put the jacket on, the flap thing gets pulled up (like a tag sticking up) and drapes down over the back of the collar. So finally today I sat down and stitched the flap thingy down so it stays in place. It took me like 30 seconds, but I used fabric, thread, and a sewing machine, so it counts.

8 Belt

I sort of made it like in this tutorial but with craft weight interfacing instead of batting, and an overall buckle instead of D-rings. I used only one fabric for the outside and one for the inside, but I did do it patchwork like in the the tutorial, because I used leftovers from my potholder project, and had to piece them together to make long-enough strips.

Currently in the works:

  • Faux chenille blanket
  • Ruffly apron

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