Friday, February 28, 2014

19-28 of 28

28 in 28. Done.

19 Another baby blanket

This one was a lot bigger than I remember my first one being. The front is cotton, and the back is flannel.

20 Another baby blanket

Only it's not self-binding this time. It has no binding at all. I don't know why, but I just really like the look of binding-less things.

21 Fix my lunch bag

So it got a hole in the seam. Again. The things I sew tend to do that a lot. So I fixed it.

22 Shopping bag

I've made 2 of these before. One of them, I use as my lunch bag (the one I fixed in the project above). For this one, I made it a little bigger than before (bigger than I thought it would be. Usually things end up smaller than intended, so sometimes I overcorrect and they turn out extra big.) I also made what I call "little thingies" - they're basically like big button holes, and hopefully they'll fit on the the bars that hold plastic grocery bags at the checkout counter. So hopefully it'll be a little easier this way, easier than just looping the handles on the bars.

23-24 Coat hanger and clothespin bag

Totally 2 different projects. I made sure to make the coat hanger cover first, and THEN pretend that making the clothespin bag to match was an afterthought, so I could count them as separate projects. The coat hanger thing was easy. It's lined with a single layer of fleece, and I didn't even sew it curved. It's just a straight tube with the hanger slid into it. And the metal part of the hanger pulls out of the wooden part, so I could slide the wooden part into the tube, sew the end shut, and then stick the metal part back in through the little gap I left in the seam.

And then the clothespin bag matches. It has 87 clothespins in it, plus the one in the opening holding the flower. It could fit a few more, but I'm not sure exactly how many, because 88 was all we had.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

16-18 of 28

3 more from last night...

16 Key fob

17 Chapstick carrier

18 Bookmark

[Also notice my fancy schmancy lanyard with my name on it from Meredith College.]

I used tutorials for a couple of these. Key fob here and Chapstick carrier here. The bookmark is pretty self-explanatory. It's just a rectangle, whatever size you decide you want your bookmark. I used craft weight interfacing for all three, which makes narrow rectangles very hard to turn right-side-out, so I had to use very big gaps for turning.

So now, including the rest of today, I have 3 and a half days to finish my last 10 projects for the month. We'll see how it goes.

In the works (still)

  • Faux chenille blanket that I probably won't finish by the 28th

Monday, February 24, 2014

9-15 of 28

[pictures coming...]

9 Oven mitts

Yes, they are baby fabric. But I liked it, and why can't I use fabric I like for my sewing project?

You can't see it very well in the pictures, but one side (left picture) is quilted in red, and the other (right picture) is quilted in blue).

10-11 Hand warmers and Heating pad

Little bitty bags of rice. Don't get them dirty. I don't know what would happen if you washed them in cold water, but if you use hot water you'll end up with a bag of wet, cooked, mushy, clumpy rice. The heating pad is like the hand warmers, but bigger. Plus I divided it into sections (just sewing the layers together in parallel lines) so the rice doesn't all fall to the ends when you drape the heating pad over your neck.

12 Apron

Late birthday present for my mom. At least a week late. And the bib part is tiny, making you look kind of like a French maid. Turns out I printed the pattern "to scale". Which I wasn't supposed to do. I got the pattern and tutorial from Flamingo Toes (click), only I made the top one piece instead of two and omitted all the frilly stuff.

I used an overall buckle for the neck strap, and made the waist tie long enough to wrap back around to the front.

13 Kitchen mat

Leftovers from the apron - that's why I used strips like that. All I had left were strips, and that's how I could make them fit into a rectangle shape. It's kind of like a very small quilt. Two layers with batting in between, with stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. It has no binding (I like the look of binding-less stuff), and it has flap thingies on the corners to hold a non-slip pad. I didn't attach the non-slip pad to the mat, because this way it's reversible.

It looks like it might get dirty often. I was envisioning standing on it to do dishes. It didn't occur to me that the male persons in my house also stand there in their muddy shoes when they wash their hands.

14 Fix my jacket...again

This time I sewed on buttons that came off. Actually they were just loose, and I yanked them off so they wouldn't come off without me noticing. But I sewed them back on with embroidery floss, each one a different color. So far I have grey, blue, and red but several more are loose so I'll yank them off and sew them back on with green, yellow, and probably orange. Or maybe something minty.

15 Cloth napkin

It was supposed to be a set of 6, but I'm running out of time until February ends, so I'm counting it anyway. Also, I'm going to make placemats that match the napkins.

So now I have 4 days to finish 13 sewing projects. Eep.

Monday, February 10, 2014

1-8 of 28

Here are some pictures of the sewing projects I've done so far this month. My goal is 28 projects in 28 days.

1-2 Potholders

I was going to count these all as one project, but they took long enough to sew that I counted the criss-crossy ones as one project, and the cut-outy ones as another. I did these from tutorials here and here. I didn't have insulated batting so I used terry cloth (aka an old cut up towel), which works just as well for the potholder, but was incredibly frustrating to work with. It shifted around like crazy! I couldn't even baste it in place! Here are mine, plus the backs (cutout ones first, then crisscross).

3 Flannel baby blanket

I didn't think to take a picture before I gifted it at a baby shower. It's just a self-binding square blanket. I'll make more, so I can post pictures of them later.

4 Steering wheel cover

Pretty simple. A strip sewn end-to-end, with elastic down the edges. I had to add a 6ish-inch section to my strip, because I needed it 47.5", and my fabric was only 42". Then when I tried out the finished cover, it was hard to turn the wheel, because the cover was too loose and just slid back and forth over it. So I took it in by 3 or 4 inches! I don't know if I just totally measured wrong (the wheel or the fabric), or if the fabric just had more give than I expected.

5 Coasters

I made these from a 30-count charm pack - 3 each of 10 charms. I used 5 charms per coaster, which equals 6 coasters. I used the same tutorial as the criss cross potholders, only I skipped the batting, and I didn't fold the center edges, so I also skipped the accent fabric in the middle.

6 Winter hat

Okay, really all I did was add the final seam, that I'd meant to add like a month ago. The hat was even fully functional already. But I did technically finish the hat in February, so I'm including it in my 28 projects. It counts!

7 Fix my jacket

Perhaps a little bit less of a stretch than the hat. I have a jacket that has a flap thingy inside the collar, and every time I put the jacket on, the flap thing gets pulled up (like a tag sticking up) and drapes down over the back of the collar. So finally today I sat down and stitched the flap thingy down so it stays in place. It took me like 30 seconds, but I used fabric, thread, and a sewing machine, so it counts.

8 Belt

I sort of made it like in this tutorial but with craft weight interfacing instead of batting, and an overall buckle instead of D-rings. I used only one fabric for the outside and one for the inside, but I did do it patchwork like in the the tutorial, because I used leftovers from my potholder project, and had to piece them together to make long-enough strips.

Currently in the works:

  • Faux chenille blanket
  • Ruffly apron