Friday, November 01, 2013

Pyramid change purse

I made a change purse. Fun fact: when you can't find your rice heating pad to use as a pattern weight, a (filled) change purse works great.

I used a combination of the 2 tutorials I found at Craft Passion and Nicole M Design. They're mostly the same thing. I used the sizing of the Craft Passion (because it was in inches), plus the accent fabric at both ends of the zipper and the batting inside. But instead of sewing together 2 squares like she did, I used one rectangle like Nicole M, and didn't quilt the outer fabric and batting. I also made my own modifications, such as remembering at the end that I forgot to add a ribbon loop.

Open. Inside-out. Could be reversible if you have a reversible zipper pull.

I wish I had better pictures of it, but I don't feel like finding my camera and messing with settings/lighting to get decent pictures, and then transferring files from my SD card to my computer. So instead I used my iPhone. It's much faster, but lower quality.

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