Sunday, December 16, 2012

8 Things I've Learned From a Week of Working in a Craft Store

  1. You can't escape glitter.
  2. Feet were not made to be stood on. In fact, the human body in general was not made for standing.
  3. People care a lot about saving 2 or 3 dollars on something.
  4. People bring back a lot of items they bought yesterday.
  5. Simple math suddenly becomes a lot harder when there's a (potentially annoy-able) customer depending on your ability to count coins both accurately and expeditiously.
  6. Even if you know you can do something, you start second-guessing yourself once you're being paid to do it.
  7. More people than I expected use cash instead of a card. More people use debit than credit. A few use gift cards. Very few use checks.
  8. All customers look the same. Seriously. All the time I see a customer and think I've already seen her come through the line earlier that day.

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