Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bodice in Action

Well, I finally got to wear my costume that I made. However... I'm not much of a pose-take-a-picture kind of person, so I kind of forgot-slash-didn't-care to bother with getting someone to take a picture of me. I like to be all photographic and get close-ups and weird angles. Thus, I prefer to take the pictures myself. I don't like surrendering the camera to the hands of another.

But it's hard to take pictures from all angles when you're wearing the subject matter, so I have pictures of my costume, but not with me wearing it. They're from when my sister borrowed it to dress up at work on Halloween:

Pirate bodice
Pirate bodice, sash, and belt

The sash, I made (by the strenuous method of cutting cloth into 3 strips, and attaching them end-to-end without finishing the seams or the edges). I made it long so that I could wrap it around 2 or 3 times and have it hang down to my knee.

It's a bit wrinkly, because I ran out of money and couldn't even afford plastic boning. I had enough to bone the laces, but I didn't have any pieces long enough to put anywhere else.

It actually fits my sister better than it fits me because (despite including seam allowances) things always come out a little bit smaller than they're supposed to, and my sister is skinnier than me.

I hand-sewed the eyelets, partly because I only had 4 plastic ones and didn't want to buy more, and partly because I like the idea of someday being very proficient in hand-sewing. And partly because I figured sewn eyelets would look slightly more convincing on a pirate costume than something store-bought. Anyway, it was fun.

Here's a good eyelet:

Hand-sewn eyelet

Here's an okay eyelet:

Hand-sewn eyelets

And here's a don't-let-yours-look-like-this eyelet:

This is why you sew the eyelets at the bottom first

And that, folks, is why you start at the bottom. If anyone is by any chance going to study your garment closely while you're wearing it, they're more liking to get up close and personal near to your neck (ie, their eye level) than at your waist. So do the bottom eyelets first, and work your way up as you get into the swing of things.

My eyelets should have been put in a little closer to the edge of the fabric/the boning channel. I guess I was picturing them ending up a little bigger, and I was afraid they'd spill over into the boning channel. Lesson learned.

The Curious Frau has a good eyelet tutorial with good pictures (click). It's the tutorial I used, only their eyelets (and pictures) are much prettier than mine. There's another good one on Squidoo (click) if you're less patient. That second one's probably best for thread that matches the fabric, instead of contrast thread which is what I normally prefer.

Here's the back of an eyelet:

The back view of an eyelet

Looks like a little spider.

And a shot of an eyelet in the making:

Sewing an eyelet

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