Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sewing Caddy, part 2

Okay, so this post will be kind of short. I guess last night I overestimated how much I had left to post.

So, here’s a label/tag/thingy I made and stuck on the bottom.

Label on sewing organizer

Why: I ran out of binding. The ends were ragged, so I trimmed them, and it made them juuust too short to meet. So instead of adding a small piece of binding to cover the gap, I made a tag. And since it’s near a corner, it’s where a tag might be anyway. So it ended up looking like I’d intended it all along.

The circle is sort of squished, but you can’t tell so much in this picture. And the stitching isn't even, but flaws are what gives something character, right? Right??

The best part about this project is that (so far, at least) it hasn't cost me a thing. The blue plaid and red fabrics are window valances that I got at our free “boutique”. The yellow stripey and white muslin fabrics, and the buttons,  were left/reused from previous projects.

The needle book:

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