Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pictures, as promised. (Sewing Caddy, part 1)

So, my sewing organizer so far:

(unfinished) sewing organizer

A little fuzzy. Yet life goes on.

The pin cushion is not attached, it’s just held on by the yellow string wrapped around the buttons. The string is just embroidery thread with glue smeared all over it to keep the strands together and (hopefully) make it not fray.

Sewing organizer

Above and below the pin cushion are spaces for thread. I stuck that big black one on there, because it was handy and I wanted a spool in the picture, but normally I don’t use spools that big. Smaller ones would fit a lot better, especially when the thing is rolled/folded up.

The perfect-fit pin case pocket:

Sewing organizer - pocket for pins | The Bunny Punch

The perfect-fit measuring tape pocket, with the lovely stitching:

Sewing organizer - measuring tape pocket | The Bunny Punch Sewing organizer - measuring tape pocket | The Bunny Punch

That extra line of stitching on the ends made it more perfect-fit.

So, it's 11:18, and I'm supposed to get up at like 7 tomorrow. Plus I have sleep onset insomnia. So I should probably go to bed now. I'm sleepy anyway. Tomorrow I'll post more about this caddy, plus any updates that may have occurred by then (such as a pocket in that big empty corner). And possibly also tomorrow, expect my first post about a fantastic, exciting new art I call Wrapping Floss Around a Piece of Cardboard.

Good night readers. If I have any.

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