Thursday, December 27, 2012

New phone

First blog post from my i-flippin'-Phone!

Monday, December 17, 2012

2 More Things I Learned Today

  1. People just assume you've counted their change right. They might check bills, but they don't even look at coins before they put them away.
  2. Even if people normally think you're 17, they'll still call you ma'am if you're behind the register, and refer to you as a lady. (Unless you're a guy, I guess...)

And it seems I've clocked out wrong at least once. When they ask me to stay later than I'm scheduled, apparently I'm supposed to clock out on the shift edit paper, instead of swiping my card. Didn't learn that until today. Oops.

Also I realized today that I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to clock out during break. If I am, no one told me. I just wish I could make it through a day without wondering how many things I've done wrong.

So I think my feet maybe hurt slightly less than they normally do at the end of the day. I'm still just as tired though. I wonder if the Dr Pepper I drink even has any effect on me. I know caffeine sometimes keeps me up at night, but it doesn't feel like it does anything while I'm at work.

In other news, I'm going to try to buy something at work on Wednesday. I need gas, and since I haven't gotten a paycheck yet I'll need my dad's credit card. So after I get off work I might wander around the store and find something to buy. Maybe I can also get some vague idea of the kinds of things we actually sell.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

8 Things I've Learned From a Week of Working in a Craft Store

  1. You can't escape glitter.
  2. Feet were not made to be stood on. In fact, the human body in general was not made for standing.
  3. People care a lot about saving 2 or 3 dollars on something.
  4. People bring back a lot of items they bought yesterday.
  5. Simple math suddenly becomes a lot harder when there's a (potentially annoy-able) customer depending on your ability to count coins both accurately and expeditiously.
  6. Even if you know you can do something, you start second-guessing yourself once you're being paid to do it.
  7. More people than I expected use cash instead of a card. More people use debit than credit. A few use gift cards. Very few use checks.
  8. All customers look the same. Seriously. All the time I see a customer and think I've already seen her come through the line earlier that day.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Make a Pillow Box

Keep an eye out for a follow-up tutorial, for another variation of pillow boxes.

Moonfleet Studio | Pillow Box tutorial

Tutorial time! This is a how-to for making a pillow box. Pillow boxes are, in case you didn't know, boxes that are shaped kind of like pillows. They're good for holding things like small gifts, candy, party favors, gift cards, jewelry, and other small things. Obviously, the things it can hold will depend on how big you make it.

There are tutorials out there with printable templates, but I think it's simpler without having to bother with a printer. Also, without a template, you can make each box whatever dimensions you want.

What you'll need:

  • sturdy paper such as cardstock
    • I actually used scrapbook paper. It's not sturdy like cardstock, so I double-layered it.
    • I also made one out of a toilet paper tube. Less pretty, but still cute, and easier to make.
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • something round to trace, like an embroidery hoop or a CD
  • scoring tool, like an empty ball point pen
  • glue
  • extras:
    • additional (contrasting) cardstock
    • ribbon, stickers, markers, stamps, decorative hole punch, etc.
  • tissue paper and a gift to put inside!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bodice in Action

Well, I finally got to wear my costume that I made. However... I'm not much of a pose-take-a-picture kind of person, so I kind of forgot-slash-didn't-care to bother with getting someone to take a picture of me. I like to be all photographic and get close-ups and weird angles. Thus, I prefer to take the pictures myself. I don't like surrendering the camera to the hands of another.

But it's hard to take pictures from all angles when you're wearing the subject matter, so I have pictures of my costume, but not with me wearing it. They're from when my sister borrowed it to dress up at work on Halloween:

Pirate bodice

Sunday, October 14, 2012

24 down, 300 to go: Embroidery floss bobbins.

So I have this set of 324 flosses. They’re probably older than me. Mom used to cross-stitch, apparently, and when I needed some floss for my last project, she brought up this bag:

and this:

A receipt fell out of something, dated 1989. So something she brought upstairs was older than me.

So last night I finally got a set of 56 cardboard floss bobbins. They were a dollar and a half at Wal Mart.

Sewing Caddy, part 2

Okay, so this post will be kind of short. I guess last night I overestimated how much I had left to post.

So, here’s a label/tag/thingy I made and stuck on the bottom.

Label on sewing organizer

Why: I ran out of binding. The ends were ragged, so I trimmed them, and it made them juuust too short to meet. So instead of adding a small piece of binding to cover the gap, I made a tag. And since it’s near a corner, it’s where a tag might be anyway. So it ended up looking like I’d intended it all along.

The circle is sort of squished, but you can’t tell so much in this picture. And the stitching isn't even, but flaws are what gives something character, right? Right??

The best part about this project is that (so far, at least) it hasn't cost me a thing. The blue plaid and red fabrics are window valances that I got at our free “boutique”. The yellow stripey and white muslin fabrics, and the buttons,  were left/reused from previous projects.

The needle book:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pictures, as promised. (Sewing Caddy, part 1)

So, my sewing organizer so far:

(unfinished) sewing organizer

A little fuzzy. Yet life goes on.

The pin cushion is not attached, it’s just held on by the yellow string wrapped around the buttons. The string is just embroidery thread with glue smeared all over it to keep the strands together and (hopefully) make it not fray.

Sewing organizer

Above and below the pin cushion are spaces for thread. I stuck that big black one on there, because it was handy and I wanted a spool in the picture, but normally I don’t use spools that big. Smaller ones would fit a lot better, especially when the thing is rolled/folded up.

Organized sewing

I decided to make a sewing organizer. Or rather, a current-project-sewing-tote, like the one by Flossieblossom I saw here. It won't hold all my sewing stuff, just threads/floss I'm using for my current project, plus some small things (pins/pin cushion, tape measure, seam ripper, pencil) that I use for everything. I have a sewing basket, with a mason-jar-pin-cushion (which had my needles and seam ripper inside), but with everything thrown into one basket (or one jar), I'm always losing track of things.

I've made a mock-up version of my organizer, which mostly worked. It wasn't especially pretty. It was made entirely of tan bed sheet and black bias tape, and all the pockets were a trial-and-error experiment.

But, I've started my version 2, except this time I'm using nice fabric, so I'm actually being careful, and it's turning out better AND prettier. I'm ironing hems (hems? what are they called? the edges of the pockets?) and basting them before I actually sew them. And I very meticulously made perfect-fit pockets for my tape measure and pin case. [I don't even use my pin case. I like my blue pins best, so I picked them out of the case and just keep them in my pin cushion. I only added a pocket for the pin case so I could have something in that corner, and so I could have another cute, perfectly-fitting pocket for something to match the tape measure's pocket.]

I don't have pictures. I'm bad about that. I make something, and forget about pictures. Or I take pictures, and then never get around to uploading them from my camera to my computer.

So, pictures to come.

By the way, I think my next project might have to be a sewing machine organizer. While I've been making the aforementioned sewing tote, I keep losing all my scissors, plus my only seam ripper, tape measure, and pin cushion. My machine sits on a pupil's desk in my room. Very small, yet I still manage to lose things every time I set them down. Either it's hidden beside or behind the machine, rolled under it, or hidden underneath something else inside the desk. Or possibly fallen on the floor. Or sometimes even in my lap. So now my plan is to make something that hangs on or near the desk, with pockets where I can stick scissors, seam ripper, tape measure, etc. That way I'll always know where they are (or should be). I'm going to have to get another seam ripper and tape measure, so I can keep one of each always in my hand-sewing organizer, and the second always in my machine-sewing organizer.